Welcome to the Saint Louis University eIRB System   

The eIRB system is open to all Saint Louis University investigators.


All new IRB protocols and requests for continuing review should be submitted in the eIRB system.  Amendments and safety reporting submissions should take place in eIRB for electronic protocols and on paper forms for paper protocols. Study closures can be submitted in eIRB using the Final Report form. Please note: Emergency Use, HUD, WIRB and CIRB Applications are still being accepted on paper forms and can be found here (Emergency Use, HUD, etc.) and here (WIRB and CIRB).


Please use your SLU Net ID and password to enter eIRB (same username and password used to access MySLU, Banner, etc).   To remain compliant with the SLU Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy and pertinent Federal Regulations, it is required that all users access the eIRB system only with their unique ID and password. Contact or click HERE for help with access issues.


For training materials or more information, visit the SLU IRB website.


For support: Please call 977-7744 or e-mail


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To give eIRB system feedback: Click here (use SLU Google log in).


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